Aerofly FS 1 – Add-On Scenery – Swiss Alpine Huts HD 1.0 3

Hörnlihütte SAC at the Matterhorn Mountain in AeroflyFS


This scenery package adds more than 30 new points of interest (POI) to the aeroflyFS scenery. The huts are listed as landmarks in the aeroflyFS so you can find them easier. The download also provides a .kml file for Google Earth to find the places there as well!

The huts included in this package:
Almagellerhütte, Anenhütte, Bächlitalhütte, Baltschiederklause, Blüemlisalphütte, Britanniahütte, Cabane de Bertol, Cabane de Chanrion, Cabane des Aiguilles Rouge, Cabane des Becs de Bossons, Cabane des Dix, Cabane du Mont Fort, Cabane du Mountet, Cabane Panossiere, Capanna Margherita, Gaulihutte, Glecksteinhütte, Gornergrat, Gspaltenhornhütte, Hollandiahütte, Hörnlihütte, Lämmerenhütte, Lauteraarhütte, Monte-Leone-Hütte, Mutthornhütte, Rothornhütte, Rottalhütte, Schönbielhütte, Schreckhornhütte, Solvayhütte, Weisshornhütte, Weissmieshütte, Wildstrubelhütten

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So far only tested with aeroflyFS 1.2 on Windows 7, 64bit


119.61 MB - downloaded 1141 times

Version: 1.2
AeroflyFS implementation: Krzysztof Kaniewski
AeroflyFS moving map entries: Karl-Heinz Roeder (Rodeo)
Designer of the 3D-Models: Artur Mazur (Arth61)


  1. Download the zip-compressed archive.
  2. Decompress the file in a temporary folder.
  3. Move the folder “swiss_huts” (that contains the “swiss_huts.tsc” file) into your aeroflyFS user-folder which is usually located at “C:\Users\InsertYourUserName\Documents\aerofly FS”. Drop the folder into the “scenery\places” sub-directory. You may need to create the sub-directory “places” first if this is your first aeroflyFS scenery add-on
  4. The huts are now visible when you start the aeroflyFS the next time. To find them easier you can modify the landmarks and the movingmap icons of the aeroflyFS:
    • Find the aeroflyFS installation folder (containing the aerofly-fs.exe) and browse to scenery\suisse\osm\ and backup the file “features.txt” somewhere on your computer where you can find it later.
    • Also backup the file “scenery\suisse\movingmaps\features.txt”.
    • Edit the file “osm\features.txt” with a text-editor like notepad++ or wordpad (default editor is not recommended) and insert all the content of “SwissHuts_osm.features.txt” from the download just before the last closing bracket “>”.
    • Repeat the process for the “movingmaps\features.txt” except insert the content from the file “SwissHuts_movingmaps.features.txt” at the end before the last “>”.

    The end of the osm-file should look like this:

        <[tmvector3d][Position][ 602238 136851 2825 ]>
        <[string8][Name][Wildstrubelhütten SAC]>
    // END of Swiss huts

    And the end of the movingmaps-file should look like this:

        <[tmvector3d][Position][ 602238 136851 2825 ]>
    // End of Swiss Huts

    Save the files and restart aeroflyFS.

  5. Enjoy your next flights with the new scenery objects around you!

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