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38 thoughts on “Aerofly FS 2 – Free Add-Ons Download

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Psst thats supposed to be a secret 😀
      What kind of features would you like to see in the A320 and B737?
      I mean the 737 already has a lot of switches in the overhead, would you like as many in the A320, too?


      • smoothpp

        re: features for the 737/747 A320

        Enable the Idle cutoff levers/switches to kill the engines, and facilitate engine startup, would be very nice.

        Thanks for the excellent work!

  • Robert Gillespie

    Hi. Just purchased FS2 and think it’s great with VR. Can you tell me if FS 1 aircraft downloads work on FS2 please? Thank you.

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      No they don’t work for the Aerofly FS 2. There are quite a number of changes in the aircraft definition files as well as the aircraft 3D model and textures between the FS 1 and the FS 2. Currently there doesn’t seem to be that much demand for custom Aerofly FS 2 aircraft, otherwise a lot more people would have contacted me by now. So I better put my time into improving the existing default aircraft where a lot more users can profit from.

        • Jet-Pack Post author

          Well Aerofly FS 2 aircraft are more complex also in respect to the 3D models and textures, that’s why there are new file formats. Downward compatibility would slow the Aerofly down, that’s one reason why its faster than its competitors. Best is to have one version that works and just change the conent a little bit to make it work in the new version. Its not that much work to export the 3D model and textures again and make a few changes to the aircraft definition.

          • Robert Gillespie

            Thanks for your reply again. Are there any helicopters likely to appear for FS2 soon.

          • Jet-Pack Post author

            Well we have seen screenshots of the Robinson R22 from IPACS quite some time ago and according to an interview they gave (don’t have the link anymore) they are definitely very interested in that field but currently not as many users are interested, sadly. And I can’t release the Hughes for the FS 2 because I don’t have the original 3D model files… :/

  • James Cadelan

    Hey there, awesome to see mods already coming out!
    I have a few questions on .ttx files. I’ve mapped custom texures on other games through .bmp files.

    Usually I know the specific size that those are supposed to be. Would there be a place I could find that for aircraft in FS2?
    Would the af5-makemap tool work with FS2? I believe it came from an older game right?

    I can get the art side nailed down but putting it all together will be a major pain for me lol. Any ideas/input?

    Steam: Bittervet

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      I’m afraid I can’t though, there is no way to inject new aircraft setups into the mobile devices afaik. And you wouldn’t be able to start or stop the engine anyway at this time on mobile.

  • Mike

    May I make a suggestion concerning addon aircraft, please? I understand that having large numbers of aircraft in the hangar will slow down the program. And after dealing with that for so many years with FSX I certainly do not wish to see that happen! However we might do some research, if it hasn’t been done already, on just how many aircraft could be added without slowing the program enough to be noticeable. For example, past a certain frame rate the human eye cannot discern the flicker, so faster than that at the most demanding times in the program could be a cutoff point. Other similar parameters (scenery, etc.) might be estimated as well. The expectation would be that the program will only allow so many GB of aircraft. If someone wanted a newly released aircraft and their hangar was filled, they would select to remove enough aircraft to make room for the new one. A person could also also export planes to other available memory locations on their hardrive and move planes in and out of the root program without impacting the it. This is just an idea in embryo .
    I like the diversification of choices provided with a new program, But I feel they are sometimes heavily weighted with one type, and deficient in another for my personal preferences. It might even profitable to the company offering the sim if purchasers could fill their hangar from a menu when ordering, or downloading the program. The installer could install the aircraft during program install.

    If most simmers are like me, they tend to settle on a handful of planes and ignore the others. In fact, I really wish the aircraft in a sim program were all separate downloads and that I didn’t have to burn resources with a lot of unused planes. Currently, I neither know how to go into the programs and delete the planes I do not want, nor do I imagine that is currently doable. But one thing I do know, in the years I have enjoyed flight simulators I would have purchased more after market addons if I could have unloaded some stock planes I didn’t use in order to free up my resources. It also seems reasonable to assume that having the privelage of owning and flying new releases without burdening your core resources would certainly stimulate the highly talented, and highly appreciated designers of those planes. They don’t make ’em if we don’t buy ’em! Could be a win-win all around!

    Thanks for a great sim. Hope some add-on planes and scenery areas will be forthcoming soon!

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Hi Mike,
      you can have as many aircraft as you like with Aerofly, I think it will just cost more harddrive space. Since only one aircraft is loaded at a time performance is not affected at all if you have more aircraft installed. The files are loaded once, then Aerofly uses it until you select another aircraft. The only draw back is that the aircraft list gets longer and it takes maybe a second more to load the aircraft selection menu. But probably not even noticeable. FSX is way slower in this regard, who knows what they are loading when you press the button to select an aircraft. For me it just takes ages (about a minute) before I can select my aircraft. Then it loads this aircraft into the window, takes another 20s sometimes, then I press fly and it loads again. Aerofly is way quicker in all these regards. I would not think about this too much, you have to program a lot wrong to let more installed aircraft slow down the simulator. IPACS is smart enough not to do this sort of stuff, just trust their experience.

  • Billy Agnew


    I have a quick question – is it possible to use custom aircraft in the VR version of Aerofly FS2? Sorry if this is a daft question or one that has been asked a thousand times – I just need to find out.

    Thank you


  • Rodney Chapman

    I have the original Aerofly FS 1 on CD for my Mac OS 10 (Sierra 10.13.5). I’ve been waiting for a few years now for your first helicopter to come out. Lucky for me, your Sikorsky 300 is just what I hoped for since I have about 4,000 hours flight time in the real 300 CBi. So, in looking at several of the questions/answers, it sounds like the helicopter requires the FS 2 upgrade. Do I have to purchase the FS 2 upgrade? I’ve looked all through my computer and I’m confused at to where I should drag the download to. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks…Rodney, a loyal FS user.

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      No, that helicopter only works with the old Aerofly FS 1. The new FS 2 doesn’t have a helicopter just yet but it’s about to get an R22.
      I’m sorry but I’m not sure either where to put files on mac. Maybe you can find something if you google search for ‘aerofly fs 1 install user aircraft “mac os”‘. if you put mac os in peremphesis you can specifically force that to be in the search results.

  • Kevin

    Hi there i love Aerofly FS 2 i was wondering is it possible you can make a add-on planes for Abus a 330 and and boeing 757 ?

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Its possible, yes. The developer tools provided by IPACS for the Aerofly FS 2 don’t destinguish between aircraft types, so anything is possible.

  • Chris Hansen/ChokDK

    Just “found” Aerofly FS 2.
    Now the R22 is out, can we expect more heli stuff coming anytime soon?

    Also some mission stuff would be really interesting with helis (SAR etc).
    Any plans in that direction?


    • Jet-Pack Post author

      This is just a private website, it would be better to discuss this in the ipacs forums, where others will see it too. I’m actually not certain if IPACS made any official statements weather they want to add more helicopters.

  • Drew

    Ok, so basically I just bought Aerofly FS 2. I play on a gaming laptop that I run through to a monitor using HDMI cords. I can’t seem to get the Aerofly FS 2 game, off my laptop screen and onto the actual monitor itself. i was wondering if there is any way that you would happen to know how to put the game in a windowed mode, or even change the output of the game onto monitor 2?

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      In the settings there are several graphics options. You can adjust the screen resolution and if you keep going you will eventually see a window mode option.

      To play on full screen you need to make that monitor the primary device with the Windows settings. Right click the desktop background, select the graphics settings and then click on the monitor that should be primary and check the checkbox “make primary device” or whatever it is called. (I still have Win7 at home so I can’t check)

  • Rolf

    Hallo Jan,
    Hast Du die Möglichkeit und Lust den Do 27 für Aerofly FS 4 zu konvertieren? Ich Liebe diesen Flieger, er ist für Side seeing unübertroffen. Würde mich sehr freuen.


    Hi. Just purchased FS2 and think it’s soo good with VR !
    Now i found your website with free addon, very nice , and thank you soo much.
    Do you know if there is more addon will come from you for FS2?
    Do you know any other addon like yours from an other website, except ORBX just flight and IPACS?

  • John M. Ichihashi

    I hope that an Aerofly FS 4 version of the Do 27 will be made. The Aerofly FS 2 version is more enjoyable to fly for me than the default planes.