Ford Trimotor – Aerofly FS 1 Add-On Aircraft 2

Ford Trimotor for aerofly FS


The Ford Trimotor (also called the “Tri-Motor”, and nicknamed “The Tin Goose”) was an American three-engined transport aircraft that was first produced in 1925 by the companies of Henry Ford and that continued to be produced until June 7, 1933. Throughout its time in production, a total of 199 Ford Trimotors were produced. It was designed for the civil aviation market, and was also used by military units and sold all over the world.

Aerofly FS aircraft converted by:
Krzysztof Kaniewski

3D model by 3dregenerator

Tested: Compatible with aerofly FS version 1.2

14.28 MB - downloaded 1711 times

Ford Trimotor for aerofly FS


To install the aircraft decompress the zip-achieve and move the folder “fa5indy”
into the user folder of the aerofly FS into the subdirectory “aircraft”.
The user folder is usually located in your own documents (“C:\Users\~\Documents\aerofly FS”) and
the aerofly Wiki provides further information about it:

“C:\Users\~\Documents\aerofly FS\aircraft\fa5indy\fa5indy.tmd”

The aircraft uses sound files from default aircraft. And because the sounds of the default aerofly FS aircraft
are copyrighted they are not included in this download. They have to be copied over manually and here is the
description on how to do that.

The files of all default aircraft are located within the installation folder of the aerofly FS.
This is the folder where the aerofly main executable is located.
Follow the link to the aerofly Wiki to get further information about the installation folder:

From “InstallationFolder\aircraft\dr400” copy all *.tsb files into the “fa5indy” folder.

Ford Trimotor for aerofly FS
Ford Trimotor for aerofly FS

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2 thoughts on “Ford Trimotor – Aerofly FS 1 Add-On Aircraft

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Hi Martin,
      I’m not sure why a product key is now requested by Aerofly, something must have changed, it was not like this in the past. I’m afraid there is little I can do about this. The aircraft is free and I never set up any product keys and I also have no control over why this is showing.
      – Jan