Stobel V2 (DLG) – Aerofly RC 7 Add-On Aircraft 7

Stobel V2 aerofly RC 7 add-on aircraft in red livery


Name Stobel V2 – Discus Launch Glider (DLG)
Type Add-On aircraft (user-model) for the aerofly RC 7
Developers 3D Model and aerofly RC 7 model: Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik
  • F3K competition glider
  • high speed launch (press “j” on your keyboard) to gain approximately 50m of altitude
  • low sinkrate
  • easy handling
  • only little performance change with weight differences
  • advanced high performance airfoils designed for this model class
  • Download the zip-compressed archieve to your hard drive
  • De-compress the downloaded file in a temporary directory
  • Move the folder “stobel” to your user-folder into the sub-directory “aircraft” which is located at “C:\Users\~\Documents\aerofly RC 7\aircraft\” for my aerofly installation.
Usage Open the aircraft selection menu and select and load the Stobel V2 aircraft. Press “j” for a simulated discus launch.
Version 4.0
1.91 MB - downloaded 2573 times

Any feedback and acknowledgments are much appreciated!
Have fun with this great flying aircraft.

Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik (a.k.a. Jet-Pack)

[Stobel V2 mit blauer Bemalung]


Name Stobel V2 – Discus Launch Glider (DLG)
Typ Add-On Flugzeug (User-Modell) für den aerofly RC 7
Entwickler 3D und aerofly RC 7 Modell: Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik
  • F3K Wettbewerbsmodell
  • schneller Abwurf (Taste “j” auf der Tastatur um auf 50m Höhe zu werden
  • geringes Eigensinken
  • einfaches Handling
  • geringe Leistungsänderung bei Gewichtsunterschieden
  • Hochleistungsflügelprofile speziell für diese Modellklasse entworfen
  • Das komprimierte Zip-Archiv auf die Festplatte herunterladen
  • Die heruntergeladene Datei in einem temporären Verzeichnis dekomprimieren (ent-zippen)
  • Den Ordner “stobel” in den User-Ordner in den Unterordner “aircraft” verschieben. Dieser ist bei meinem aerofly unter “C:\Users\~\Documents\aerofly RC 7\aircraft\” zu finden.
Nutzung Öffnen Sie die Modellauswahl und wählen Sie den Stobel V2 aus.
Drücken Sie “j” für den simulierten Schleuderstart (Discus Launch)
Version 4.0
1.91 MB - downloaded 2573 times

Anregungen und Danksagungen sind sehr willkommen!
Viel Spaß mit diesem großartig fliegendem Modell.

Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik (a.k.a. Jet-Pack)

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7 thoughts on “Stobel V2 (DLG) – Aerofly RC 7 Add-On Aircraft

    • JetPackJan

      I am not sure. I’ve never had another version other than the unlimited or what ever it’s called, so I really don’t know. If the product description doesn’t mention anything about custom aircraft only working in some versions then it will probably work. No guarantee..

  • adam

    Please, how can I get this model in Aerofly on iMac? I’ve tried to move the model into “aircraft” folder, but couldn’t see it, when I open the simulator…
    I will be very glad for any idea how to do it.

    Thank You very much!

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Make sure the files are placed correctly, the path should be user-folder (how ever that is called in mac) \aircraft\stobel\stobel.tmd there should not be any additional subdirectory. If that still does not work then I think it is only possible on Windows and only for RC 7, not for the new RC 8.

  • Armand Ciuffo

    I can’t seem to install this aircraft.
    I am using Aerofly Rc 7 on windows 10
    Followed all installing instructions still no go

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      It should be the same procedure for the Steam version as for the DVD version.
      The files should go into the user documents directory, into the Aerofly RC 7 folder, aircraft and then the stobel folder with the files inside. Make sure that you dont have a sub-folder like stobel/stobel/…

  • Rob H

    On a Mac. Find the RC7 App in your Apps folder. Right click on it. Show package contents. Open Resources folder, then aircraft folder. Put the Stobel in there – just in the stobel folder not in in the RC7_stobel folder. works for me.