Stobel V2 (DLG) – Aerofly RC 7 Add-On Aircraft 4

Stobel V2 aerofly RC 7 add-on aircraft in red livery


Name Stobel V2 – Discus Launch Glider (DLG)
Type Add-On aircraft (user-model) for the aerofly RC 7
Developers 3D Model and aerofly RC 7 model: Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik
  • F3K competition glider
  • high speed launch (press “j” on your keyboard) to gain approximately 50m of altitude
  • low sinkrate
  • easy handling
  • only little performance change with weight differences
  • advanced high performance airfoils designed for this model class
  • Download the zip-compressed archieve to your hard drive
  • De-compress the downloaded file in a temporary directory
  • Move the folder “stobel” to your user-folder into the sub-directory “aircraft” which is located at “C:\Users\~\Documents\aerofly RC 7\aircraft\” for my aerofly installation.
Usage Open the aircraft selection menu and select and load the Stobel V2 aircraft. Press “j” for a simulated discus launch.
Version 4.0
1.91 MB - downloaded 1920 times

Any feedback and acknowledgments are much appreciated!
Have fun with this great flying aircraft.

Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik (a.k.a. Jet-Pack)

[Stobel V2 mit blauer Bemalung]


Name Stobel V2 – Discus Launch Glider (DLG)
Typ Add-On Flugzeug (User-Modell) für den aerofly RC 7
Entwickler 3D und aerofly RC 7 Modell: Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik
  • F3K Wettbewerbsmodell
  • schneller Abwurf (Taste “j” auf der Tastatur um auf 50m Höhe zu werden
  • geringes Eigensinken
  • einfaches Handling
  • geringe Leistungsänderung bei Gewichtsunterschieden
  • Hochleistungsflügelprofile speziell für diese Modellklasse entworfen
  • Das komprimierte Zip-Archiv auf die Festplatte herunterladen
  • Die heruntergeladene Datei in einem temporären Verzeichnis dekomprimieren (ent-zippen)
  • Den Ordner “stobel” in den User-Ordner in den Unterordner “aircraft” verschieben. Dieser ist bei meinem aerofly unter “C:\Users\~\Documents\aerofly RC 7\aircraft\” zu finden.
Nutzung Öffnen Sie die Modellauswahl und wählen Sie den Stobel V2 aus.
Drücken Sie “j” für den simulierten Schleuderstart (Discus Launch)
Version 4.0
1.91 MB - downloaded 1920 times

Anregungen und Danksagungen sind sehr willkommen!
Viel Spaß mit diesem großartig fliegendem Modell.

Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik (a.k.a. Jet-Pack)

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4 thoughts on “Stobel V2 (DLG) – Aerofly RC 7 Add-On Aircraft

    • JetPackJan

      I am not sure. I’ve never had another version other than the unlimited or what ever it’s called, so I really don’t know. If the product description doesn’t mention anything about custom aircraft only working in some versions then it will probably work. No guarantee..

  • adam

    Please, how can I get this model in Aerofly on iMac? I’ve tried to move the model into “aircraft” folder, but couldn’t see it, when I open the simulator…
    I will be very glad for any idea how to do it.

    Thank You very much!

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Make sure the files are placed correctly, the path should be user-folder (how ever that is called in mac) \aircraft\stobel\stobel.tmd there should not be any additional subdirectory. If that still does not work then I think it is only possible on Windows and only for RC 7, not for the new RC 8.