Hughes 300 (Helicopter) – Aerofly FS 1 Addon aircraft 27

Hughes 300 Helicopter for aerofly FS


The Sikorsky S-300 (formerly Hughes 300 and Schweizer 300) family of light utility helicopters was originally produced by Hughes Helicopters, as a development of the Hughes 269. Later manufactured by Schweizer Aircraft, the basic design has been in production for almost 50 years. The single, three-bladed main rotor and piston-powered S-300 is mostly used as a cost-effective platform for training and agriculture.

Aerofly FS aircraft made by:
Krzysztof Kaniewski

Version 1.2 Alpha flight model:
Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik

3D model made by:
Pip Ragugini, Turbine65

Tested: Compatible with aerofly FS version

8.55 MB - downloaded 2988 times

8.55 MB - downloaded 1756 times


Airbrake button = Autorotation

for 1.2 alpha:
Prop-Speed = Autorotation

Hughes 300 Helicopter for aerofly FS


To install the aircraft decompress the zip-achieve and move the folder “hughes300”
into the user folder of the aerofly FS into the subdirectory “aircraft”.
The user folder is usually located in your own documents (“C:\Users\~\Documents\aerofly FS”) and
the aerofly Wiki provides further information about it:

“C:\Users\~\Documents\aerofly FS\aircraft\hughes300\hughes300.tmd”

The aircraft uses sound files from default aircraft. And because the sounds of the default aerofly FS aircraft
are copyrighted they are not included in this download. They have to be copied over manually and here is the
description on how to do that.

The files of all default aircraft are located within the installation folder of the aerofly FS.
This is the folder where the aerofly main executable is located.
Follow the link to the aerofly Wiki to get further information about the installation folder:

From “InstallationFolder\aircraft\cessna172” copy all *.tsb files into the “hughes300” folder.

Hughes 300 Helicopter for aerofly FS

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27 thoughts on “Hughes 300 (Helicopter) – Aerofly FS 1 Addon aircraft

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      There can’t be anything in the controller setup because that is programmed by IPACS and cannot be influenced by us free developers.
      As mentioned directly below the download button on this page the airbrake funktion controls the autorotation. For the alpha version the propeller speed controls the rotation speed of the blades.


  • nils

    hi, i did install the aircraft into the proper folder but i can only select the model, but it only loads the default cessna and not the hughes 300.
    i have the steam version and i did copy the hughes300 folder to “C:\Users\~\Documents\aerofly FS\aircraft\”. The model appears in the menue but it is not loaded into the sim.
    thanks for any help.

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      I don’t think so because I don’t know any way to manipulate an applications content on the mobile devices. In fact I have already searched my android devices and could never find any location where the applications themselves are stored together with their files. This makes it impossible I think

  • David

    Can I add my nemeth designs helicopters into aerofly?
    Please advise.
    Kind regards
    Ps, just found out that you can with the CD version is this correct?

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      well yeah, unless you know how to manipulate game files on a mobile device and can teach me how 😀
      Or do you mean Mac version? I don’t have any experience with Mac OS and the Aerofly FS 1 might not offer a way to add aircraft from that OS…

  • uli

    Hi Jetpack…

    In der neuen Version, würden Deine Modelle auch lauffähig sein, wenn Du vielleicht den fehlenden TMB File erzeugst.
    Testweise habe ich Deinen TGC File umbenannt nach TMB, dann erscheint zwar das Auswahlmenue…aber geladen wird die Cessna mit Deinen Flugeigenschaften.
    Es fehlt nach Überprüfung meinerseits, nur dieser TMB File !

    Kriegste das hin?

    Grüßle ULI

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Leider gibt es keine öffentlichen Programme um diese Datein zu generieren. TGC is ein altes Format, TMB ist neu aber die tools dafür wurden nie veröffentlicht.
      Aber gute Idee!

  • Markus

    Nach Auswahl dieses Modells in Aerofly FS1 werde ich nach dem Lizenzschlüssel gefragt. Was soll ich hier eingeben, das Modell ist doch kostenlos.

    • Michael

      Mir geht es leider genauso: Liegt der Ordner des einzufügenden Modells im Dokumenteordner/…, ist ein Registrierschlüssel dafür erforderlich. Das Modell ist in der Flugzeugauswahl des Spiels ausgegraut. Liegt der neue Ordner, z. B. “wingsuit” im Spielverzeichnis/aircraft/… lässt sich das Flugzeug auswählen, es erscheint aber die Cessna. Schade auch um die schönen Zusatzmodelle.

      LG, Michael