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C172 doors opened

After experimenting a lot with the Aerofly FS 2 capabilities I created a Cessna 172 mod that does a large leap towards fully implemented system depth. Not only can you turn off the engine with this mod, you can also restart it or turn off the electronics inside the cockpit. Even doors and windows are animated. The full list of features follows below:

Highlighted are the features that this mod adds to the default aircraft, that currently already implements the electical system.

  • Flight behavior adjusted
  • Working engine stop and restart using the starter key and proper mixture lever position
  • Mixture control with mousewheel over the mixture lever, only affects full throttle cut, no mixture leaning
  • Low fuel level should also kill the engine, you’ll need to reload the airplane
  • Working warning lights when engine is off: Oil Pressure warning and L VAC R warning
  • Animated engine gauges: fuel level, fuel flow, EGT, Oil temperature and pressure, suction, amperemeter
  • Entire avionics stack can be set off by turning the avionics masters off
  • All electronics and lights can be turned off by setting both master battery and master alternator to off
  • COM, NAV, DME, ADF and XPDR can be turned off individually
  • COM, NAV and XPDR display test
  • XPDR with off, standby, test, on an ALT modes + ident
  • Doors and windows can be opened and create drag when opened in flight
  • Sunshades can be turned using the mouse wheel
  • Yokes can be hidden by clicking on the intersection between the shaft and instrument panel
  • Adjust the compass rose (gyro adjust)
  • Parking brake added – sadly full brake strength isn’t quite enough to hold the airplane

Work in progess
Not finallized are performance data like cruise and climb speeds,
engine data in general, mixture leaning not implemented.

C172 dark cockpit
C172 cockpit partly on

Aerofly FS 2 Steam Edition 2.0.1EA5.18 (10th November 2017)


Current version of this mod: V9 (15th November 2017)

51.16 KB – downloaded 444 times

(previous V5 made about 848 downloads)


This new installation process will result in two Cessna 172s in the selection, one will be this cold and dark mod, the other will leave the original aircraft unchanged. (The mod will be towards the end of the selection list, not next to the original aircraft)

  1. Go to your installation directory of the Aerofly FS 2 in the Steam apps, which is usually at
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator”
  2. Open the folder “aircraft” and copy the entire original “c172” folder. (Make sure not to touch the content of this folder during this process!)
  3. Open your documents and open the folder “Aerofly FS 2” (C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Aerofly FS 2) and enter the subdirectory “aircraft”
  4. Delete any previous folder “c172mod”
  5. Now paste the “c172” folder from the clipboard into the currently opened subdirectory “aircaft” and rename it to “c172mod”
  6. In that “c172mod” folder rename the file “c172.tmb” to “c172mod.tmb”
  7. Delete all “.tmd” and “.tmc” files in the “c172mod” folder
  8. Downloading the zip file decompress it in a local directory.
  9. Copy all contained files and paste them in the “c172mod” folder

C172 engine off

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31 thoughts on “Cessna 172 “cold and dark” – Aerofly FS 2 Mod Download

  • Herve

    Hi ! good job ! Now it is still perfectly working with current beta…. Can we hope to have same mod with other planes ? Keep on the good job !!!

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Thanks! Most of the features I implemented in the Cessna 172 mod are now also part of the default C172. Only the throttle cut is missing at the moment, I didn’t have the time yet to add it to the current default version as well.

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      I used the real world control deflections and more more accurate center of gravity, changed the airfoils and a bit of the propeller.. I’m not 100% happy with it yet but I hope I get time to do a version 2 using the latest version of Aerofly FS 2 with its own electical systems…

  • smoothpp

    Doesn’t appear to work with the Aug 26 beta. That’s a shame because the other features of this release are well worth opting for the beta.

    Edit: After more tests, I have found that the doors and window works, but the starter and battery switches don’t. Also the Avionics panel is all black and avionics don’t illuminate.

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      I hope that I have some time tomorrow to update the cold and dark mod. The current version in the Aerofly FS 2 beta already implements the electrical system natively, so I pretty much only have to update the engine on/off feature. Also the default Cessna now has a working fuel system, that I can also use to create new hooks such as fuel cut off by empty fuel tanks and so on.

  • jk1895

    Very cool mod! Thank you very much!
    One question please. Does this modification, in any way, affect performance (FPS)?

  • Spit40

    Great work. I like the physics changes. Power/climb etc at takeoff is more what I would expect. Do you consider it more realistic? I looked in the files to see if there was an obvious parameter you’d changed like mass/power, but couldn’t see one. Was it a single parameter? If so I’d be interested to know so that if/when this mod becomes out of date I can change the default files directly…unless you can arrange for this behaviour to be the default.

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Obviously it wasn’t just one parameter, I changed the airfoils of the wing and propeller and altered few other variables like the control deflections.
      Few days ago I updated this mod again. Basically I take the default C172 with all its changed and I apply my modifications (fuel cut off and aerodynamic parameters).
      Yes I’d say the physics changes are more realistic but they are not complete yet. The fine-tunings has to be done yet but I am flooded with other, more important, work.

  • Spit40

    Hi. I just had a beta update and the c172 seems to have reverted to previous take off physics. I’m not quite sure though – the click to hide yoke still works. Filedates have changed though. I’d presume I’d better not overwrite them. Do we have to wait now for a mod update?

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      On my end it did not update any files of the Cessna 172…
      You should be able to overwrite the c172.tmd file without issues, make a backup first to be sure. When there are significant incompatibilities between the versions I will of course update the mod. Currently there haven’t been much changes to the default C172, so there isn’t much to worry about.

  • C172

    Great mod! have roughly 150 h on a real C172. The drift to the left due to engine torque ist much more realistic! However I noticed takeoff power is just under 2’000 rpm. Am more realistic value would be around 2’400 – 2’500 depending on weather conditions. I would abort take off with such low power in a real C172 ;-).

  • Phil Hulme

    Hi, just wondered if you’re working on any more improvements? I know some additions are dependent on the underlying engine. When the Dash 8 comes out will that aspect improve and let you do more?

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Currently I’m not working on the C172, I am improving other things in the default Aerofly FS 2 simulator, navigation and autopilot related things.
      The Q400 is relatively well developed in terms of system depth, we have all system pages and pretty much all switches are at least prepared. They won’t all have functionality right away since the underlaying physics have not been created (same with A320, B747, etc.). When I’m done adding the navigation source selection to the Q400 it should be quite good in terms of navigation. The LJ45 and the other airliners will also have a significant boost in AP system depth. So yeah, C172 is not high on my personal priority, I’m investing my time on the other aircraft at the moment.

  • Dick Nelson

    I applaud your accomplishment in providing this flight simmer who is new to Aerofly an opportunity to start dark and cold.

    Your clear and precise installation instruction got me to a new choice of aircraft while selecting “Aircraft”, but then my
    experience ended as I attempted to find any new options in the Control menu to utilize these new features.

    Do you have additional instructions regrading the steps needed to use all these new controls?

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Hi and sorry for the late reply.
      I can’t add any new menu items by creating a modded aircraft. So currently there is no option to start cold and dark. What you can do however is manually kill the engine and then set everything off. And then turn it back on.

  • Tom Wunder - I go by "twsimfan" in the forums.

    A really fun addition… kinda shows what can be done and what will come to pass if aFS2 continues to mature in this highly competitive market.

    This is so much fun that I now will need to pull out the SDK and take another try at setting up the Robin… I couldn’t seem to get it to work for me some months back.

    Thank you very much for this fine addition!

    Best regards,

    Tom Wunder

  • Arne Arneson

    I have tried three times to download the new cold and dark version of the c172. I loved it and used it quite successfully prior to the recent update. However, there was no .tmb file to rename, as per the instructions. These are the only files that were unzipped:


    I must be doing something horribly wrong! Please let me know what I’m not or should be doing. Thanks!

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      In steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\aircraft\c172
      I do have a c172.tmb file. This needs to be copied to the c172mod folder and then renamed to “c172mod.tmb”. Please try to copy it from the original game. It is there, the very first file underneath the folder actually.

      • Arne Arneson

        Thanks, I realized that I had totally misread your very clear directions, so after a more careful reading, I am again enjoying your wonderful mod!