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What is tmEdit?

The Aerofly tmEdit is a stand-alone program to create and modify Aerofly FS 2, Aerofly RC 8, RC 7 and RC 5 simulator aircraft files. It is the ideal companion to bridge the gap between the 3D model and the Aerofly aircraft implementation and assists with the Aerofly TMD file coding by debugging and powerful 3D editing capabilities. This editor is currently in development and there is no download available yet.

tmEdit aerofuselage editing

Feature List for internal version 177 pre-alpha (5th June 2023)

Opening and saving Aerofly RC 5, Aerofly RC 7 and Aerofly FS 1 and Aerofly FS 2 *.tmd and *.tmc files
Including preservation of comments and indentation.
A 3D View of nearly all physical objects with their respective geometries visualized.
Importing obj and mqo files is now supported. It is possible to edit aerowings and aerofuselages, add and delete stations and move entire wings and fuselages. Also a very fast method to select the next object for edit.
Import of 3D Models: *.tgi, *.tgi.txt, *.obj, *.ac and *.mqo files.
Save as Project
Saving the paths of the used 3D models, camera views, etc.
Core feature of this editor is to analyze the aircraft files in the background and shows errors, mistakes and linking errors. For example a missing input or a duplicated object identifier name and geometries used more than once can be found this way. It usually finds something in any aircraft.
Double click to select the affected object for editing.
Detects file changes and can automatically restart the debugging process, with a color coded progress bar visible in windows task bar.
Some mistakes that were detected by the debugger can be fixed automatically with a single click of a button.
Calculates center of mass, wing area, inertia, total mass, estimated stall speed and other data. Can be used to set the center of gravity or the total weight very quickly.
3D Selecting and Editing of objects, including multi-selections
Simple point at object and click with mouse left button to select, hold control to select multiple or hold control+shift (or alt+shift) to drag a rectangle on the screen and select everything inside it.
Direct Editing
All attributes and parameters of an object are shown as a list, which can be edited
Raw Text Editing
Edit the underlying code of an object directly.
Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Cut and Delete objects.
Undo, Redo
3D animation
A slider can be used to display the transformations and animations of each object.
Mirror objects
Will save a lot of time when the geometry of a wing has to be mirrored.
Rotate, Move, Scale objects
Multiple selected objects can be rotated around a fixed point or around each center, they can be moved together along a local or global coordinate system and they can be scaled.
Knife-Cut objects
Geometries like wings and aerofuselages can be cut to insert new interpolated or extrapolated stations
3D Vertex Picking
Individual vertices of the 3D model can be selected. Axes and pivots are generated after selecting two vertices.
Go To Definition.
After selecting a property of an object that acts as an input it is possible to directly jump to that object definition, for example jump to the definition of the airfoil from a wing object or jump to the control input of an actuator.
Object Referenced By …
Find out where an object’s output might be used.
Rename objects Option to update all references to this object.
Rename messages Option to rename the message references.
Editing 3D Camera Positions
Navigate Back and Forth Using special mouse buttons to undo/redo the selection.
Search Function
Dropdown box to select objects can be used to type in the name of the object. Autocomplete suggests object names.
Mapping Display
Servos, mappings and airfoil are represented in an input/output diagram. Airfoils are shown in a full 360° graph (Cl, Cd and Cm over alpha).
Airfoil Data
Option to load XFLR5 airfoil data into the special airfoil graph to compare it to the parameterized airfoil in Aerofly. Basic algorithm to fit the data is also available
Clipboard shortcuts
In numerous places buttons with an up or down arrow can be used to either copy the field into the clipboard or try and paste the clipboard contents into the field. This decreases the number of times you have to hit “ctrl+c” on your keyboard by a lot.
3D Rotation Matrix Generator
Separate tool included in the editor. Specify a rotation matrix from Euler-Angles.
Unit calculator
Separate tool included in the editor.
Day/NightChange the time inside the editor to change the light direction on the 3D model or event see the light maps in action.
Analyzing 3D models
Individual geometries of the 3D model can be selected and an algorithm creates all kinds of parts from that geometry. E.g. a geometry for the wing could be used to generate an physical aerowing or the geometry of a switch would automatically be turned into a interactive switch
Automatically generate parts of the aircraft
Generates the interactive parts of the flightdeck automatically as a batch job.
Modify the simulated human skeleton
To change the pose and move all bones
A slider can be moved to preview animation movements.
Predefined scripts to convert Aerofly FS 2 to Aerofly FS 4 aircraft or to clean-up file contents.


Please note that the screenshots may not represent the final product.

tmEdit overview
tmEdit debugger
tmEdit aerowing editing
tmEdit multiselection
tmEdit control directions
tmEdit rotating
tmEdit rigidbody visualization
tmEdit knife cutting
tmEdit axis selection
tmEdit axis and pivots editing

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15 thoughts on “Aerofly tmEdit

  • Daniel Heizler

    … dear AeroflyFS Editor-Maker,

    you wrote that the release date depends on “many things and also a bit on how many people ask for it”.
    So here I am and I ask for it:)
    I even would pay for it !!
    Aerofly is such a beautiful and physically ambitious Flight Simulator.
    I Really would appreciate modelling own aircrafts and outbit they behavior…

    many thanks in advance and good luck!

    Daniel Heizler

  • Manfred Tretter

    Hallo, ich bins nochmal auf deutsch,
    hab gerade erst gelesen das du dabei bist ein Aerofly tmEdit Programm zu schreiben. Ich hab vor vielen Jahren auch schon das ein oder andere Modell für den ersten Aerofly erstellt (Bronco OV-10) z.B. Ich hab auch alle Aerofly Versionen die es gibt. Ich wäre auch sehr an einem editor interessiert.

    Grüße “hueyride”

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Maybe, but if people wanted to contribute they could have contacted me, too. So far that did not happend… And to be honest, there hasn’t been that much attention to this tool yet. Sure a couple of people contacted me that they would like to use the tool but that figure barely reaches 20…
      On top of that the next aerofly platform isn’t published yet either and if it will then I will see if there are more people that want to develop aircraft…

  • Sergio Korlowsky

    Well here is one more asking you for the tool, I would like to try it.

    So if it becomes available, just include my petition, I am interested.
    I Have FSX FS9 P3D 1.4, and now appears that I will be getting my hands on Aerofly FS2
    its just beatyfull, it a lot but so far looks good.

    PS. Thinga it needs “urgently is
    1- ATC
    2 – Ai (World of Ai maybe?) animations. traffic etc.
    3 – Multi Player ability.

    The rest will come with time.

  • GeneralDynamickx

    Hi there, unknown programmer…
    I am VERY interested in your tmEdit.
    Will there also be a possibility to convert .tmc back to 3DS Max (or whatever standard)?
    Anyway… I would be very pleased to hear back from you (and honored to be on your list 😉 )

    Keep up the good work!

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Thank you for your interest!
      No, a converted 3D model for the Aerofly cannot be brought back to an editable format, as far as I know.
      I haven’t done much programming on tmEdit for quite some time, especially since I program systems for the Aerofly FS 2 simulator now. If I want to do any programming I find myself spending the time there, not on my tmedit project. So I’m afraid my project is paused for now.

  • Jaggi

    Dear Jan,
    the Aerofly tmEdit is promising.
    I have Prepar3d and fly with the HTC Virtual Reality VIVI Pro.
    Aerofly FS 2 with Switzerland is unbeatable, because it’s graphically much better and faster as P3D.
    The future belongs to the Aerofly FS 2 and I would be happy if I could work with your proram.

    Best regards
    Jürg Heizler

  • Thomas

    Hi Jan,

    erst einmal ein frohes neues Jahr für Dich.

    Jetzt bin ich nach einiger Zeit mal wieder auf deiner Webseite gewesen und habe das letzte Update (März 2019) zu deinem Programm tmEdit gesehen. Ziemlich impressive!!! Gibt es mittlerweile weitere Neuigkeiten zum aktuellen Entwicklungsstand?

    Evtl. ein Release-Termin? 😉

    Viele Grüße,
    Thomas (aka Chiefkoch)

    • Jet-Pack Post author

      Hallo Thomas,
      Im Moment gibt es noch nichts großes Neues zu berichten,
      wenn ich wieder etwas Zeit habe kann ich die Infos hier aber noch auf den neuesten Stand bringen.

  • Robert Majcher

    Hey I’m interested in using this to help modify some simple airfoils for Aerofly RC8. Would it be possible to obtain a beta copy for now to just do some simple things (editing glider wingspan mostly)?

  • Robert Majcher

    Would you be interested in releasing a beta copy of this? I might be able to help with some coding if you need help in that area.