Aerofly FS 2 – Controls Mover

Small tool to move several objects by a certain amount. Can also be used to rotate a lot of objects around a certain axis. This makes it the ideal tool to duplicate and move a block of control clickspots from the controls.tmd file of an aircraft, for example the keys of an FMS keyboard. Theoretically it can move any object with an R0, R1 or Position parameter.

1) Paste a list of objects on the left side in the input textbox.
2) In the center you have multiple options to define what you want to do.
a) Set the before V3 and after v3 vector, e.g. “0.0 0.0 0.0” and “1.0 0.0 0.0” to move all objects by the same amount, in this case 1.0m towards the front. Press the Generate button underneath to fill in the “move by” fields. After that press the “>>> MOVE >>>” button to move the input object to the output textbox.
b) Manually adjust the move by fields for x (forward), y (left) and z (up). Press the “>>> MOVE >>>” button.
c) With a vector3 copied from another program (e.g. the text “1.0 0.0 0.0” in your clipboard) click the “From Clipboard” button to insert the clipboard content into the “move by” fields. Press “>>> MOVE >>>” afterwards.
3) To rotate all objects in the right output textbox around one pivot (Rotate Around R0) fill in the bottom two textboxes, set a B0 matrix and the pivot R0 and click the Rotate >>> button to rotate all objects in the right output textbox. You can also directly paste into the right textbox if you only want to rotate and not move a set of controls. Rotations work incrementally, so you can first rotate around one point and then repeat the process with other input parameters. But it only affect the right side content (I have mentioned that enough I think)

Even though no harm is intended with this product and it works well on my own computer…

Copyright & License

This program was written by me, Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik, in my free time. Feel free to share this program with others as long as you do it for free. If you are using this software while creating payware content (commercial use) please let me know about it but you are free to use it.

Download is a stand-alone Zip file. Decompress it and then just start the MatrixGenerator.exe.
Last modification: 2017-12-17 (Sun)

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