Aerofly RC 5 developer tools now hosted on

Fortunately IPACS allowed me to re-upload the developer tools for the Aerofly 5 that can also be used for the Aerofly RC 7 and Aerofly FS 1 to develop new aircraft, scenery or repaints. A public developer license is included in the download, which can be found here.

Cessna 172 cold and dark

I just uploaded my first mod for the Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator: a Cessna 172 that can turn its engine on/off and also allows to set everything in the cockpit to “off”
C172 engine off

IPACS released their first Aerofly FS 2 Dektop trailer

We have been waiting for the successor of the aerofly FS and it looks like the aerofly FS 2 for desktop is finally right around the corner. For us free developers here this is big news, because we will get to play with a whole bunch of new features that are already available for the mobile version of the aerofly FS 2.

Updated Hughes 300 Helicopter to version 1.2 Alpha

I just updated the flight model of the helicopter. Its not finished yet but already much more realistic in hover. Except that the pitch for hover is way to low and the helicopter does not pick up speed all that well.

Aerofly RC 7 – Aermacchi MB339 – Creek Island 1

Aeromusical fun-flight with a high number of close calls for a pure adrenaline rush involving high speed low level flight, flying through tunnels and obstacles and over ridges at a high level of precision and skill.