Updated Hughes 300 Helicopter to version 1.2 Alpha

I just updated the flight model of the helicopter. Its not finished yet but already much more realistic in hover. Except that the pitch for hover is way to low and the helicopter does not pick up speed all that well.

Swiss VFR Scenery Collection – Aerofly FS Add-On

This is a package that includes all scenery add-ons below in one large zip archive.

The included scenery add-ons are:
Swiss Huts, Swiss Windturbines, Swiss VFR Obstacles, Swiss Tallest Buildings, Swiss Bridges, Swiss Football Stadiums and Swiss Dams

aerofly FS scenery Add-On VFR obstacles

Aerofly RC 7 – Aermacchi MB339 – Creek Island 1

Aeromusical fun-flight with a high number of close calls for a pure adrenaline rush involving high speed low level flight, flying through tunnels and obstacles and over ridges at a high level of precision and skill.

Pitts 2b Real-Feel – AeroflyRC7 Modifikation 2


  • authentische 3D Acrobatic-Manöver
  • trudelt flach inverted und normal
  • weniger Rumpfauftrieb im Messerflug
  • Einfacheres Verhalten am Boden
  • Realistisches Abrissverhalten: Sie macht tip stalls und snap rolls (gerissene Figuren) wenn man sie dazu zwingen möchte
  • Flugzeug für erfahrenere Piloten

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